Friday, February 24, 2012

hopes still alive..

What days they used to be,
always together ,always free..
waiting for the class to end,
to convey what our eyes said..
everybody was jealous but they were right,
they were envious as we never fight..
the truth is that our bond was strong.
there was no chance of anything getting wrong..
you were always there for me..
shared every moment what ever it may be..
then things began to change and fate played its game,
things were never the same...
we tried our best to spend time together,
msgs,chats,emails which others used to bother..
u started having lack of time,
n i wrote poems which didnt rhyme...
but our hearts were always together,
we tried to maintain our relationship forever..
but things didnt remain the same,
you left for good, and i cant blame..
it was sad,
it was dismal,
tried keeping mum and felt like crying,

but you were not there to see me dying..

felt this feeling will never go,
my heart will keep aching high and slow..
time passed by,the ache still remains,
cant blame you,
it will happen we both were aware!
i dont blame you for anything,
this relationship was an illusion..i was living in...
u said it wont work bt i was not convinced,
being optimistic..
didnt thought about it even in my dreams...
you were my best friend,
but distance played the evil role..
never wanted this relationship to end,
but now no one can console,
when i know u were,u are my soul..
the truth is that i miss you still,
end of this relationship has the power to kill..
dont you ever miss me??
did i never come to ur mind??
i know,i made a place in ur heart,

and that, that place will always be mine..

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