Saturday, February 18, 2012

let me be me..

She z loving,
She z charming…
But as she says we are just being modest and nice,
and we must tell u she z always right: ! ;) :p
A girl with attitude,
Full of ego and arrogance…
don’t know anything about romance! :O
Bt when shez angry…
She will never let u speak in ur defence! :X
A big chatter box,
We can only wonder how to make her stop…. (tough job)
shez a kiddo and cries everytime,
Whether its day or its night.. (very true;p)
She loves her frndz like anything, :D
And feels bad if even one gets missing, :O
She hates lies and she hates liars, (TRUE)
She plays a lot and never gets tired,
Studies is something she always frgt, :P
Average marks she never regret… ;)
Always confused, and comes to us for advice.
But she never commits a mistake twice..
Shez a good gal wid everlasting smile,
Loves to dress nice..
whenever shez happy ; whatever is the tym,
bt let us tell u d truth…
Generally combing alone makes her fright! :p
Eating is a task for her….
She always tries to avoid. :X
Shez is a friend’s friend, J
Always there to help and fight, (ehehhehe)
She talks silly sometimes.. (nop! Many times :p)
Gets angry widout any reason or rhym,, (very true :p)
Saying something wrong to her frnz..
can be ur biggest crime! :O
She blushes badly, (lolz)
When we tease her abt any guy.
Whenever we ask, she says shez single…
Which makes us wonder.. how can that be even possible! (wrong:p)
We love her and care for her a lot… (true :*)
We chat wid her of every sorts.. (eheheheh J)
Most of the tyms she comes wid a single line….
Everything that happens, happens just fine! J

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