Tuesday, March 13, 2012

just like that..

Let me sing,
let me play,
i wanna be happy
and this is wat i want to say....

i like the way m feeling,
i like the dream m dreaming...
i wanna be free,
i wanna be me...

Its my heart m talking about,
its my life,i care about,
i wanna be the way i want to be..
and want to break all shackles that surrounds me..

u can love me ,
u can hate me..
i dont mind!
as its not somthing i can define ..

i want to be a friend..
i want to be ur lover...
but most of all i want to be the one u care...
and feel bereft when m not there..

there is a window,that let me see
the world, the way i want it to be..
m keen to look into my future..
with or without you..
but i know watever it is ..
it would be the way i want it to be..
even though i know its just an infatuation..
or may be just my imagination..
cant stop myself thinking about you...
and all the memories that are due..

i think about you day and night..
hoping you will feel the same some time..
i dont mind waiting,
i dont mind trying..
m not in a hurry..
to make you mine..

bt i will say the truth..
i wont let my feeling bury alive....
coz that would not be fair..
when i know it is something devine..

i love when i her ur voice..
i love when i see u rejoice..
i love the way u say and talk ..
the way you stand and walk..

i want to be there with you all the time...
when u r sad or just fine...

i want to be a part of it..
and love u the way i like..
now m fed up and cant fool myself anymore..
may be its too soon or too late to say..
i loved you from the very first day..
please tell me..
how can i avoid my feelings for you
even though i know ..it will never come true...

i cry my heart out..
but u cant hear..
u hav ur now life without me anywhere near..
sometimes i feel its good that u dont know..
coz i dont know how will u react..ant if you say NO!
u are lost in your own thoughts..
and this i cant bear..
i dont expect anything from you and i dont fear..
this is how i feel...
i love u ..
i want u..
n have a crush on u, dear!

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