Thursday, April 12, 2012

Indian Woman

-By Anjali Bhushan
I took birth as a daughter,
my family got a reason for joy and laughter,
pampered by mom, loved by my father,
they wished time could stop and be like  this forever,
coz it’s the moments together that we truly savored,
they lived their lives for my well being,
they treated me as if I was everything life could mean
I was the reason for their day being the brightest,
whatever being the life’s misery; easiest or the toughest!

I went to school and then to college,
it made me realize the importance of knowledge.
My dad saw a dream for me,
which I had to cherish, i foresee!
I became a teacher,
and made everyone proud,
it motivated me to work even harder,
and saying it all aloud!

Time passed by..
I fall in love with a guy,
Dad got angry,
so much hue and cry!
Truth is that, life is not easy,
thinking of this even now makes me dizzy!
But in the end the things sorted out,
and we got married as our parents allowed.

It was a new phase like living a whole new life,
where I was the reason for many’s smile.
My husband and I loved each other,
what others said; we never bothered!
He even helped me in the kitchen,
and  gave the logic that he is sharing my burden!

Becoming a mother was a great experience I had,
it changed my life once again!
I had to quit job to raise my child,
a thing I will never regret in my life,
as being with your child is more satisfying.

Seeing her play, seeing her smile,
brought my own good old memories to my mind,
The love she gave me is something I can’t explain,
its eternal,
its saint!!

As the time moved on..
and I became Granny,
my husband died and left me lonely,
but my family also expanded with time,
my sons and daughters gave me reason to shine!
The power of joint family is what I realized,
how blissful it is, only an Indian can find!

It is the life of an Indian woman,
from her birth,
 till her death,
This journey is tough!
 only a woman can understand,
where nothing happens as planned!
She faces everything with a smile on her face,
as if it is heaven and she never loses pace,
because she knows,
what she will  get is.. satisfaction;
Of being an Indian,
Of being a woman!

Dedicated to Shakun


  1. Wonderfully written anjali! :)
    The story is so well written. Loved the way it flowed. And you finished it off so well! ;) :) superb!

    1. hi civilprincess,
      thanks for the means alot to me!