Saturday, April 21, 2012

lost friend....


How we became friends
i dont know...
may be coz f d common intrsts..
or coz of together playing pranks!

we were the mischeivious,
we were the notorious..
we didnt mind,
sharing punishments together were always nice!

u liked a girl..
who always said NO,
but u were so determined..
to never let her go.

u got disappointed many times,
when things didnt go well and fine,
u told me everything..
n i was glad that u knew wat u r doing!

u r my best friend,
whom i wil never forget,
though we r not in contact..
friendship cant just be let.
 i miss u manytimes..
and feel bad, that i dont know..
how u are? and
where u go?

but i always pray,
you always live happy ,
and mayget everything,
watever u say!

where are u now?
and where all those ur promises go?
when u said u will always be there for me..
but you never show!

staying angry with you never helped,
u are the one i will never forget!

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