Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Always Katy Bereft?

Always Katy Bereft?
by-Anjali bhushan
u might not understand this poem..but it doesnt matter..coz sometimes its better like that! :)
still...its about a girl who  (according to others) never got the things she wanted in life...she was always "Bereft" of one thing or she never lost hope..and was always happy and her loved ones gave her this strength... :)

Katy gets one,
Katy loses another yet…
Katy’s hands are never full,
People call her Katy Bereft!

Her needs are small,
But her wants are many…
Her hands are never full,
And people call her Katy Bereft!

She wants so much from life..
But life only gives the much she deserves right…
Her hands are never full,
And people call her Katy Bereft!

She desires for success,
Everyone even agrees that she deserves success…
But sometimes it’s less about work and more about fate…
And as a result……
Her hands are never full,
And people call her……
You know…..
Katy Bereft!

Katy’s story is not over yet…
As best is yet to come..

Though she is Katy Bereft..
She never loses hopes!
Yes, she is sad and disheartened sometimes…
But like a bright star…
She always shines!

She knows that,
Though she is Katy Bereft…
She has family and friends,
who never let her alone even if she suggests!

And that makes me wonder…
Why people thinks that her hands are never full?
And why people call her Katy Bereft?

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